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    How to keep videos from pixelating in browser

    Bruce Siegel

      How do I keep my flash videos from pixelating badly when viewed in a browser using the zoom feature (as in Opera, Explorer, and Firefox)?

      So far, I've been embedding my videos using the Dreamweaver CS3 "insert: media: flash video" routine.

      The videos look perfectly sharp when viewed in any browser at 100%. They're also acceptable when zoomed OUTSIDE the browser, in RealPlayer or Quicktime.

      Here's what I mean. The left image is in Opera (zoomed), the right is in RealPlayer (outside a browser) also zoomed:

      On other sites, I see videos that zoom without serious pixelation, or that don't allow zooming (the video keeps the same dimensions as other page elements expand.) I'd be happy with either solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated!