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    Losing purchased book data with ADE 4.0.2 and Kobo (glo)

    clair copin

      well, It's a little complicated. A few days ago I tried to download a book purchased in Rakuten Japan with Kobo desktop. It requires ADE to read.

      When I tried to download it in Kobo desktop, a ADE site's dialog appears saying "This eBook has already been downloaded the permitted number of times."


      So I remember once I've installed Kobo desktop and ADE on sub-PC. Then I tried to download it on the sub-PC but downloading dialog did not closed (though it's progress bar reached to the end) even after long term. Then I gave up. I cancel donwload it and delete the book from library, release the sub PC's registration then uninstall it.

      But on main PC's ADE, no books appeared to download.

      After, I discover the book's *.acsm" (Adobe Content Server Message) file in my PC and double clicking it, the donwloading dialog appears as same as above. (means no end)


      Is there a way to recover this?


      The Kobo book shop, Rakuten's customer care gave up only at the second contact then they threw this issue here, saying ADE seems to lock it. The purchased log exists in Rakuten but just I cannot get the book data.