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    Automatic search and replace within paragraph style and assignment of a character style

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      in a book with kyrillic letters I would like to replace the font of specific quotes. Usually the quotes in kyrillic are << In case there are quotes inside those quotes they will be double quotes ("). My text is in Tahoma but the inside double quotes (") should now be replaced with a different font: myriad pro - ideally with a new inline character style.


      The automatic search and replace function offers me to search for double quotes and replace them with a new format. However, when searching for double quotes indesign does not differentiate between << and " - so I cannot do the replacement automatically. It does, however, offer the search for a glyphe with a given unicode. That works fine. The only drawback is that my paragraph style has a change (signified by a plus sign behind the name of the paragraph style). It seems I cannot assign a new inline character style.


      How can I change all double quotes " automatically to have a different font by assigning them a new inline font style? Alternatively, how can I change the changed paragraph style to a inline character style?