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    Dreamweaver Crashes opening Bootstrap apps every time

    JBL Level 1

      After Bootstrap 3 came out, Dreamweaver crashes opening every file that calls Bootstrap.

      We've replicated this error on all of our machines, and with 4 versions of Dreamweaver, including CC.

      How we tracked this down:

      -1- Commented out Bootstrap calls in the HTML and Dreamweaver opened the files.(HTML and PHP)

      -2- Downloaded Boostrap alone and opened those files ok, though delayed.

      -3- Any app made by us or Template providers that call Boostrap crashes Dreamweaver

      -3- We opened apps using the old HomeSite, Sublime Text editor, notepad, and the files open fine. (These do not call associated files like Boostrap)

      -4- Zend Studio also crashes opening same files.

      -5- Code Lobster detects that Boostrap files are large and offers to not open those ones, but later it crashes too.

      -6- Installed Dreamweaver CC on a brand new machine with only Win7 + updates + Dreamweaver CC.

      ---- 4.2Ghz i7, 16GB RAM, SSD drive.  Dreamweaver crashes opening the same files.

      -7- Dreamweaver can open any other files we have created, even large ones that do not call Bootstrap.

      -8- We created a simple HTML file with "Hello World" that calls Bootstrap files. Dreamweaver crashes.

      -9- We turned off the 'Enable Related Files' function in Dreamweaver. A few small files can be opened but ones that call the large Bootstrap file crashes Dreamweaver

      -10- We enabled the high priority memory function for Dreamweaver in Windows 7 with no success.


      Summary to date:

      --1-- IDE providers need to realize that apps are more complicate now, have larger files, and to allow their IDE's to accommodate this without crashing.

      --2-- Framework providers such as Bootstrap need to refine their code to make it lighter.

      --3-- To compensate for this, we are opening files using Sublime text, commenting out Bootstrap, saving. Opening files in Dreamweaver, saving. Going back to Sublime, taking the comment out code out again, saving, then looking at our work on the web page.  This causes ridiculous delays in our app production process, and only the most seasoned programmers can code away using Sublime.  Even then, memorizing all the CSS names in Bootstrap is impossible, and they can't use snippets for MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery and CSS.


      So there we have it.  Adobe: Can you please address this?

      James Leahy, New World.

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          BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The issue was supposed to have been fixed as of the 2014.1 update released in October.

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            subhadeep_banerjee Level 4

            Hello James,


            Please tell us the version & build of DW that you are working on?  [Help > About Dreamweaver]

            I'm suspecting that Bootstrap is not the problem here, since it works fine on Win machines with way lower configurations than yours.

            Are you saving the files on the local HDD or on a shared/remote network drive? Are you including any other external scripts etc along with the Bootstrap files?

            Maybe you can just pass me one of the test files at subbaner@adobe.com & I'll take a look at it.




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              Herbert2001 Level 4

              Just tested this in DW CS6, and I experience no problems until I activate the Live view - saving changes causes everything to slow down to a crawl, and it takes up to a minute for DW to catch up. It is unworkable.


              Without live view it works, though, and does not crash.


              NetBeans IDE has no issues either - interestingly enough, with the NetBeans connection active, any change I save in Dreamweaver is picked up automatically and  faster by NetBeans and Chrome (within a second) than by Dreamweaver itself (without the need to switch to those two)!

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                JBL Level 1

                1. We're using CC 2014.1, but this occurs in earlier versions of Dreamweaver using the latest Bootstrap 3 apps.

                2. Files are on a LOCAL SSD drive.

                3. We do not use Live View and it is not activated.

                We replicated this issue on 3 machines and 1 laptop.  It is not Dreamweaver CC specific, a network issue or a Live View issue.

                If we rem out the call to the largest BootStrap CSS file, all our app pages open fine.

                Thus, it is clearly connected to BootStrap AND Dreamweaver.  Our memory tests indicated that Dreamweaver maxes out of memory, hangs, then crashes.

                We also tried minified and non-minified files.

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                  subhadeep_banerjee Level 4



                  Let me know if you are OK to join us for a remote session, so that we can take a look at the issue.

                  Drop me an email & I'll share the details with you.