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    Delete a Purchase Option but Keep Data

    NoSpamSeattle Level 1

      We often use FormsCentral to sell tickets for our cultural arts events, and sometimes we run a series of several events that we want all on a single form. Once an event has passed is there any way to hide or delete those tickets on the form without removing the respondents' data?


      For example, we have a lecture series this spring that includes three different lectures and a series pass (buy two, get one free). After the first lecture passes, we obviously don't want people to see it as an option to purchase, but we don't want to lose the data we have from people who bought tickets to that event. Same for a series pass -- we need to keep the data but after the first event, we won't sell the series pass.


      My workaround has basically been to copy out everything from the Respondents tab, delete the sections of the form and then paste the Respondents data back in, but it seems like there should be a better way. I guess I can always set up some show/hide skip logic on the sections I don't want visible, but then I just have to put in something arbitrary and hope no one ever selects it, right?


      Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!