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    Adobe Flash player and malware pop-ups


      Adobe Please help!!


      I am getting pop-ups of 'you don't have the latest flashplayer'

      I go to Adobe website and download and now all I am getting this "Media Downloader 12.2" It's slowing my machine down and I am getting a slough of pop-ups!


      I removed the installation...and now I have no access to any websites that require flash.


      I do I download the proper update installation and this "Media Downloader 12.2 pop-up" from piggy backing on this.



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          maria__ Adobe Employee


          'Media Downloader 12.2' is not a product that is bundled with the Flash Player installer.  It's possible that you clicked on a malicious pop-up and were redirected to some other site.  We are aware of folks doing this and follow-up on issues when we hear about them. Some of these malicious pop-ups and sites go to great lengths to look just like official Adobe notifications and installer dialogs.  What is the website you went to to download the Flash Player? I will forward the site to the appropriate folks to follow-up on. If you're able to reproduce the pop-up dialog window, please take a screenshot and post it here.


          In the mean time, you can download Flash Player directly from one of the following locations:


          At the bottom of the page, in the 'Still having problems' section there will be links to download the various plugin types based on your browser.