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    How to disable the automatic "verifying all signatures" after each new signature is added to pdf?

    Penny and Rusty Level 1



      When a PDF is digitally signed, Acrobat seems to perform an automatic verification for ALL signatures on the form. For a short form with few signatures, this isn't a problem.

      However, if we have a large PDF with multiple signatures, the automatic verification takes progressively more time since there are more signatures to verify.


      Is there a way to disable to automatic verification of ALL signatures on the PDF after each successive signature is added?  Ideally, it would just verify the current signature that is being added (not ALL of the signatures)... or have the option to verify ALL when the last signature is added (I see an option to Verify All Signatures but there doesn't seem to be a point to it since Acrobat verifies ALL signatures on-the-fly when the signatures are added.


      I am not referring to disabling the verification of signatures upon opening the PDF - I see the options for that under Preferences. But that doesn't seem to affect whether Acrobat tries to verify ALL signatures after each signature is added.




      btw, I'm using Acrobat Pro XI