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    i have been getting the wierdest, most ridiculous issues using PP 2014 here is a list:

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      i have been getting the wierdest, most ridiculous issues using PP , 2014 here is a list:


      unsyncing single-source a/v when aplying effects.


      exporting the resynced clip to an even more out-of-sync clip


      freeze frame. when applying stabilizer, clip will just stall on a frame whereas before the effect, it didn't


      losing 2-3 hours of work due to auto-save failure. quitting premiere like normal but still having to force quit


      ramdom green frames that just suddenly appear


      constant crashing


      crashing without auto saving


      severe artifacting


      timeline, source, project thumbnails won't play


      toggle to previous/next edit point won't work


      significant, work-hidering issues in 90% of my project that collegues have never heard of


      pefferences will suddenly change. auto-save set to every 5 minutes and 100 versions will reset to default and audio scrubbing has just turned off


      no video, sound only during playback. freeze framing during playback


      pasting an item other than what was copied. copied a mask, pasted and mask of diferent size and shape


      inserting single frames between clips that i didn't add


      mixing unused video during transitions


      mixing unused video into masks.

      Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 2.08.49 PM.png

      the above image is a mask that is being distorted by the image on the left below but it is only occuring in the mask.

      Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 2.57.57 PM.png


      media pending sceen remains long after all content is loaded


      artifacting in the form of green pixel fields after exporting



      these issues are seriously hindering my ability to work. failed solutions i have run thru are:


      closing and reopening PP


      deleting render files and re-rendering


      replacing the distored clip with a  fresh clip


      rebuilding the mask


      restarting my computer


      PRAM and smc resets


      uninstalling and re-installing PP



      what is going on???