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    $25 Reward - Calling a CFC via Remote Object or Web Service without making the result public

      I am just getting into Flex 2, so please forgive me for my newbe vocab.

      Here is how my applications have worked in the past, i.e. ColdFusion:

      //Create an instance of component
      order = CreateObject( 'component', 'PEK.Catalog.Order' );
      //Call methd
      theOrder = order.getOrder(1234);

      Display the order via HTML and CFML.

      getOrder() returns a query and 1234 is a sample orderID. The most important part of the solution I am looking for is that the it must not expose my getOrder() as a public web service. I am able to run the application with WS by making the mothod URL visible and remote, but this is no way near the security I would like to have. Here is my folder structure where components folder has been maped to CF.

      | ... |__components
      | ... ... |__PEK

      I guest there should be a way to call CFC with the thing remote object that I have no idea how to set up. So please what would be a solution to my security issues.

      Thank you in advance!