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    I own LR and Develop module has been disabled---asking for me to renew membership??


      I purchased Lightroom in 2013 (not Creative Cloud subscription). I recently purchased a new computer and downloaded LR to that one. I have LR registered under my Adobe ID and its listed under "products" that I own, I'm signed into LR with my Adobe ID on my desktop. When I downloaded the program, I used my key I received when I purchased the program to get it up and running. Today I tried going into the Develop module and it says that it has been disabled and to renew my membership to get access to the Develop module again. I do not have the CC subscription...I own it. SOOO, I've been searching and trying to follow Adobe troubleshooting for a few hours and now I've decided to see if I can just get the answer here. Where can I input my key in the program on the desktop or get it to see that I OWN the program and do not need to purchase the membership? On my desktop CC icon, it says that my "trial version" has expired.


      Thanks in advance!