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    Unable to load Adobe InDesign CC 2014 Type Library (Version 1.0)


      Good evening,


      I've just upgraded ID from CC to CC 2014 and now a script that had always run without issue now won't work. I get an error saying 'Unable to load Adobe InDesign CC 2014 Type Library (Version 1.0)'


      The bit of code I was running was executing a little VB script copying files:


              var vbScript = 'Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")\r';

              vbScript +=  'fs.CopyFile "' + f.fsName.replace("\\", "\\\\") + '", "' + destinationFolder.fsName.replace("\\", "\\\\") + "\\" + f.name + '"';

              app.doScript(vbScript, ScriptLanguage.visualBasic);


      From trawling the net I can see stuff about the 'Resources for Visual Basic.tlb' file. I can see this in the C:\ProgramData\Adobe\InDesign\Version 10.0\en_GB\Scripting Support\10.1 folder but clearly it isn't registered or something similar.


      Can anyone help me get past this problem?


      Thanks for any help.