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    Adobe Flash Pro CS6 motion tween question ...........


      I am a newbie to the forum and also to the Adobe Flash Pro CS6. I have a question about the motion tween of fla@sh pro cs6.

      My question is, if I make some movie clip symbols and apply motion tween to them separately, then can I again group all those movie clip symbols to apply another motion tween to all of them in group?
      What I am trying to do is, I want to display the word "WELCOME" in my animation. First the letters 'W', 'E', 'L', 'C', 'O', 'M', 'E' will come to stage from different locations one after another. So I make 7 movie clip symbols of the letters and apply motion tween to them separately.
      Then when they are united at the center of the stage forming the word, then the word will move up from the center to the top-center location. My problem is, I can not apply motion tween to the word as a whole now. I want to avoid adding motion tween to them separately again. Is there any way to do that?
      Thanks in advance to all of you ..................WELCOME.gif