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    Current Lightroom / Camera Raw Camera Profile for Sony ILCE-6000 inaccurate: green cast in shadows! Capture one better! Please fix it!

    ChrisSpark Level 1

      Hi folks from Adobe!

      Please take note that the current Lightroom / Adobe Camera Raw Camera Profile for the Sony ILCE-6000 is very inaccurate: There is a serious green cast in the shadows!

      Capture One Express for Sony (which is free by the way) renders a lot more correctly!


      Please correct this, since I'd rather buy the coming LR6 because of keeping my established workflow instead of going the Capture One route.

      A good example can be found in the dpreview forum "LR5 A6K shadow pulling, a mess! Adobe LR is broken? "

      Or search for Philp Reeves 3 weeks with the Sony A6000 review "3 Wochen mit der a6000", where he compares it to the Sony A7, using both times Lightroom to push the shadows.

      The Sony A7 is fine where earth looks like brown earth, the A6000 picture looks like grass instead.


      Please fix this! This is a high volume camera frequently bought by enthusiast or as second body for FF photographers. That would be really great!