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    Edit javascript file

    ihsutd Level 1
      Client has an html site. Wants to stay an HTML site rather than switch to php or ASP. Anyway, he asked to have me create the navigation so that he can easily add/delete links site wide. I decided to do this via a javascript include. So I essentially have links in a .js file. Is there a way to allow the client to edit these links via Contribute?
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          Maybe you can try this:

          When you know how to use PHP, you could try to put your menu in a .php file and then include this into your pages using <?php include("./site_menu.php"); ?>. This only works in pages with .php extensions, so if your pages have .htm or .html extensions you should change this into .php.
          You should place this site_menu.php file in the root of the site with the pages, so Contribute makes the proper relative links to your pages.
          Now you kan send your user the url to the site_menu.php file and he/she can edit this file in contribute.
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            Does your server process SSI's? If so, you can just have your page in an ssi file, which is plain text,html, or whatever, and Contribute will edit those.