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    Glossary checkbox selected but Glossary tab not displayed

      i've created a html help file (RH 2002) and added "glossary terms".

      To display the glossary tab, i even selected "Glossary" check box in the Tripane Tabs and windows (HTML Help window properties). I even added the dll file (HHActiveX.dll) in to my help folder which was suggested by the help tutorial.

      Still my glossary tab does not get displayed.

      But when i created a new project and apply all these settings (without even adding the dll file), the glossary tab gets displayed....i do not know what's really happening in my existing project. I've checked all the settings....any guidance please....Is there anything i need to check further....
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          HI usureka

          Unfortunately, it's not as simple as just having the .DLL present. You will also need to have it registered with Windows. If you look in the RoboHelp help system, there are instructions for how to register the file. They say:

          Registering HHActiveX.DLL
          This information applies to Microsoft HTML Help projects.

          If your Microsoft HTML Help project includes an online glossary, browse sequences, or WebSearch, a special file named HHActiveX.DLL needs to be registered on end users' systems to support these features.

          The following steps help you distribute HHActiveX.DLL to your end users and manually install HHActiveX.DLL, if necessary.

          To distribute HHActiveX.DLL:
          Open Windows Explorer and browse to your RoboHelp program files folder (by default, this is located in C:\Program Files\RoboHELP Office\RoboHTML).

          Right-click HHActiveX.DLL and select Copy.

          Browse to the location of your .CHM file and paste HHActiveX.DLL into the same folder.

          Distribute HHActiveX.DLL with your .CHM file and any other files you are distributing with your Help system.

          To manually register HHActiveX.DLL:You can provide these instructions to your end users if you are distributing HHActiveX.DLL with your Help system.
          Click the Windows Start button, then select Run.

          In Open, type the following:

          regsvr32 <path> hhactivex.dll (specify the path of the HHActiveX.DLL)

          Click OK.


          You only need to distribute HHActiveX.DLL if you are distributing a Microsoft HTML Help system that includes an online glossary, browse sequences, or WebSearch.

          Cheers... Rick
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            usureka Level 1
            Thanks rick ...Let me try this out......But my constraint is, now when i create a new project, glossary tab gets displayed.......why not for my existing project........i do not know what settings 've been changed :-(