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    Lightroom 5 launch issue


      Hi i recently built a new hex core Haswell-E stsyem and of course re installed windows 8.



      After installing Adobe Creative Cloud and installing both PS and LR, nither of the apps launch when i click on the shortcut for the respected apps.



      No error dialogs or anyhing appears at all.



      I even tried to re install the whole creative cloud app and re downloading and installing PS and LR again through there and no joy.



      I then tried to manually download a copy of LR on its own from adobe and that installed and launched fine!



      However, i cant get it to connect and use my Creative Cloud sub as the LR i downloaded manually from Adobe only allows you to enter a CD key or do a trial?



      Is there anyway to get LR and PS working on Creative cloud? i am paying for a sub for the photography edition that was launched a while ago and now unable to use it!