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    New CPU but older CPU was used more effeciently by Premiere CS6? Help pls!

    Tim Manders

      Today I bought an i7 3770 to upgrade from my old i5 2500k. The i7 is a tad faster and has hyperthreading which should make it around 30-35% faster in heavy threaded tasks like rendering and exporting.

      Great. So I thought. But there seems to be something wrong and I don't know what.


      Before, when I was exporting a file on my i5 2500k, the CPU was utilized 100%. Let's say that an average movie of 7 min was taking around 45 min to complete.

      So now I was testing the i7 3770. And what happens is, that the same export now also takes 45 min. When I check the activity of the CPU, I see that it is only used for around 40-60% at best! Why?


      So I did a stress test and I worked nicely. No throttling occured and the CPU went all the way up to 100% usage. Also when I create a timeline, put some clips on it and add effects like warp stabilizer and film convert and press 'render', it goes up to 100% and it is much faster than my old i5 2500k.

      However, when I EXPORT a file in h264 while using the same settings as I always did, it only uses my CPU for 40-60%... What could have happened here?


      I tried an export from a project both on the internal 7200 rpm HDD and a USB 3.0 7200rpm hard disk. (The one I always used to edit from)

      What is the problem here?


      Computer specs:

      Windows 7

      Premiere CS6

      i7 3770

      12 GB RAM (Dual Channel + Single channel)

      Nvidia GTX 660

      1 TB WD HDD @ 7200 RPM

      Asus P8P67-M Mainboard


      So, it's not the temps. And nothing else has changed except for a new CPU which should be faster than the old. And it is when it's fully used. Except for the fact that it isn't while exporting a h.264 file whereas the old CPU was. Any ideas?

      Thanks so much.

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is a question best asked on the Hardware forum ... check the panels on the right side of the Overview page for it. Also, go to the Tweaker's page ...

          Tweakers Page


          ... and look up the pages on how these things all work together. Perhaps download & run the benchmark test PBM6 ... they have instructions. You download it, install the monitoring program that will log your computer's actions during the "run", expand the PrPro sequence and run as told. Post the log back to them, and they can then tell you how your various systems performed ... and where any bottlenecks or choke-points in your system are.