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    Redirecting back to site after widget is signed using REST API




      I basically would like users to be directed to a EchoSign widget then back to our external site after signing. I've tried using this:




      to generate a widget with a redirect url but I can't seem to specify a widget I've already created. Instead I had to give it two fields:

      'formFieldLayerTemplates' => array(
             'libraryDocumentId' =>MY_WIDGET_ID
      'fileInfos' => array(
             'documentURL' => array(
                  'url' => 'PATH_TO_ORIGINAL_WIDGET PDF/test.pdf',
                       'name' => 'test.pdf'


      I'm using PHP fwiw.

      And the widget looks ok for the first few pages, but then all the fields start to be off by a page. It seems like there should be an easy way to just tell the API to use the widget I've already created as the basis for it all.


      Is this possible?


      Also the redirected happens after the widget is signed, but techinically it isn't finished until the user confirms their email. Is there a way to set up the redirect at that point?