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    Templates for New Pages Not Updating

      I am a site admin with 7 Contributors accessing my site via Contribute 3. I have created templates for them to use to create their new pages. These templates allow them to only edit text; they cannot update styles or layout in any way. I have noticed that, whenever I make updates to my templates and resave them out onto the server, some of my Contributors will pick up the new template and some will not. Is there any way to force them to pull the new templates? I have asked them to all Refresh Templates before they create new ones....they tell me that they have, but they are still pulling the old template. This causes an issue because, if they pull the old template, I have to open their page in Dreamweaver and update the template. Doing this on 30+ pages each month gets quite tiring and almost defeats the purpose of Contribute for me. Any suggestions on this issue are much appreciated!
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          Tom Benjamin
          Are you sure those users don't have draft versions of pages when you update the templates? That does cause things to get out of synch, because the drafts are stored on their local drives.

          Do your users have that "Don't connect to websites at startup" option checked?
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            SmileyGirl23 Level 1
            Sometimes, they will have drafts waiting for me to publish, but those pages I expect to be out of sync. It's the new ones they create after I update the template that aren't picking up the new template as expected. As far as I know, they do not have "Don't connect to websites at startup" checked. I have asked and have always been told no, it is not checked.
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              Tom Benjamin Level 1
              Perhaps - and this is just a guess - the template references in the pages have got messed up. Something I've noticed is that template names with spaces in them get messed up by Contribute. At the top of each web page based on a template is the <!-- InstanceBegin template=".....dwt" --> tag. If the template name in there contains spaces it will sometimes get URL-encoded, i.e. spaces become %20, and then Dreamweaver no longer recognizes the template name as matching the one you're editing. Best practice seems to be a an all character template file name.
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                SmileyGirl23 Level 1
                I have looked into the code before applying the new template to see what the problem is, hoping I could figure it out. I believe you may be on to something with the template reference. Whenever I look at the page that they have created, it is trying to find the template in the root directory, rather than in the Templates folder where it actually exists. I have no idea what causes this, however. All of my templates are one-word names, with no spaces or special characters....easier to remember that way.
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                  It sounds like something is mismatched. Can you post a couple examples?