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    exporting > need to automate 2 different image sizes to 2 different folders (as a default setting)

    tim levy

      This has been a 'why is this not possible yet' since LR1.
      Often photographers need to export as:

      1000px @ 72dpi

      4000px @ 300dpi

      So that clients can have a screen friendly & a print version.


      Sure - I can do it once and then just do it again - changing all the inputs, sizes etc, but this should be a standard dialog in the export box.


      This way the photographer can have a preset at their standard sizes and just CHANGE THE FOLDERS (with option of changing the file name)

      All Adobe needs to do is add a check box for export to second folder with file size options dialog....

      So simple - been waiting years for this to be a standard option...