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    Missing all folders in LR


      i keep all my LR5 photo's on an external Passport drive. When I import into LR I make a duplicate on another external Passport drive. I have made no changes hardware or software. I use a single catalog. All of a sudden LR does not recognize any of my holders, In other words all folders show a (?). If I go to the Passport drive i can see all my folders. I can right click on an individual folder and click "find missing folder" and reconnect that folder but I have hundreds of folders. Not sure if "synchronize" would locate all folders but it is frayed out on my computer so I do not know how to activate it. The "find missing photo's" option does not help. Two questions...

      1. Is my catalog corrupt?

      2. Is there a way to globally locate all missing folders or do I have to go each folder individually?


      Steve Roberson

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          Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Steve.... DO NOT SYNCHRONISE... you may well lose all your data...

          What is your OS??

          Have the Drive letters,names changed???

          The easiest way going forward is to have all the folders contained in one....

          I use:




          2015-01-01 New Year

          That is my year, year+month, year+month+day and description folders are all in an Images folder...