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    is this possible?  generic-locate children swf

      I have several questions about actionscript and everything and anything will help me out a lot. Here they are:

      From javascript (for questions 1-3)
      1) is there a way to iterate through objects in a swf file? For example, if the swf has children swfs or some control that I want to target, I want to be able to iterate through the objects and find that object. I want to be able to find children swfs and access the values in the children swfs, and I need this to be generic so that it will work with any swf out there (with of course a version requirement).
      2) is there any way that I can get information about an object, such as its name, current rect, etc. Also if it's like a jpg or a swf, can I get the URL that it's pointing to?
      3) is there a generic way to pass actionscript code into a swf file and tell it to evaluate it (something like the eval() call in javascript)? When I say generic, I mean for every single swf file out there (of course with a version limit if needed).

      Say I have 1.swf file that embeds another 2.swf file (for questions 4-5)
      4) From the actionscript in 1.swf, can I iterate through objects in 2.swf? (this is basically question #1 from a different perspective)
      5) From the actionscript in 1.swf, can I get information about objects in 2.swf? (this is basically questions #2 from a different perspective)

      6) If you don't know or if it's not possible to do any of the things in 1-5, do you know any other way to do it, where the only condition is that the input file is a random swf that a flash developer can make?

      Even if you don't know the answer for sure, but you have a guess that will still help. Thanks for reading this post.