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    exported video differs from preview


      hi guys, i been trying to find out what my problem was since last night and i would appreciate some advise here.


      i have this prpro file, lets call it "demo"  which i created a few months ago, exported to how i wanted to look like.

      i even duplicated it to create other videos because of the settings and stuff. and it all worked nicely.

      and when i tried exporting it after removing some text again yesterday, the preview at the export settings was how i wanted but the exported file is rescaled. in the properties, it is written as 1440 x 1080, same as the original "demo" output video. for some reason the file size has also increased.

      i did not change the sequence settings - HD 1080p, 25fps, and my export settings is H264 preset match source.


      i tried scale to fit, scale to fill and stretch to fill and nothing changes.


      premiere pro prompted me to convert the file because of the recent update, so i am not sure if that is the cause.

      i may have screwed up my settings as i trial and error.



      can anybody suggest?