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    Looping Audio & Animation of different lengths

    seriouscodecreator Level 2

      What I have is a longer (than animation) audio file. For example: I have animation that is 21 seconds long & an audio file that is 7:11:167 minutes audio file. I want both to loop over and over. So I set the audio to autoplay & loop. And at end (21 seconds) of the animation to restart "play from" 0000. That doesn't work because it restarts the audio. So I set the animation to restart at 0014 and that works when I test it using the Ctrl+Enter feature. But when i try it on a remote web server it doesn't. I tried turning off preloading the audio too. I want the animation to loop seamlessly - when it ends it starts up at the same place. I changed the animation to start at half a second (500) & loop to there. I am using Chrome to test this. This last change seems to have worked. Does anyone have a better solution? Removing the leading zero (500 vs 0500) from the play from time seemed to make the animation play more seamlessly. The animation includes a spinning spiral with a prominent exposed edge (start) that you can plainly see & plainly see if the spinning is not exactly seamless.  so you can see why the animation has to be seamless. I had trouble in After Effects doing this for some reason. So far it has repeated 4 times so far it is working for about 29 minutes straight. I just wonder if it will stop after some period of time & if there was a better solution? Maybe using code in the composition ready area to start the audio? Thanks for reading this long question.