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    Lightroom Mobile Android - Save to Gallery size


      When I select "save to gallery" after editing some photos I've imported from my Android phone storage - 6000x4000 px photos - I have a couple problems. One, I have to select it twice to get anything stored, which is slightly annoying considering that it won't over-write a stored image if you happen to have selected it three times. The second, which is far more annoying and absolutely a deal-breaker, is that it's storing images with a 2048 pixel longest side. That's the 'smart preview' size, isn't it? I don't need the 'smart preview' size, I need the adjustments I've made applied to my actual image, so I can send it off to clients.


      Lightroom dev/sales team - if you would like to finish your product so I don't waste an hour of editing, that would be great. As far as I can tell, my time has just been wasted, and that doesn't make me feel particularly good about what you're selling.


      Alternatively, if I'm wrong and there's an export setting somewhere, great! I'd love to know where it is.