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    Why don't Adobe Color CC and InDesign CC convert CMYK to RGB the same?


      I recently used Adobe Color CC to create a color theme that will be used for both print and web.  I created the theme with approved CMYK values with the intent of saving the .ASE file to be imported into other CC apps.  Corresponding RGB, Hex, Lab and HSB values are automatically created.  Of course, we are using CMYK for print and RGB for web

      A coworker had separately created the same exact CMYK theme in InDesign CC, and created RGB values from the same exact CMYK values I had used in Adobe Color.


      The InDesign RGB values are quite different from the Adobe Color values.


      Anyone know why the values are not the same, and moreover, which CMYK to RGB conversion values may be relied upon for accuracy?


      Thanks very much