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    Help with Context Sensitive Help

      Hi everyone,

      I'm new to this forum. I am presently building an online Help Guide in RoboHelp 6 for ASP software. The Help Guide will reside on the application's server and link to the application, which is accessed through a Web browser.

      My first look at the context sensitive help instruction in RoboHelp seems to indicate that it requires a programmatic language, not html. According to the documentation the support is only for applications coded in pascal, c/c++, java and Visual basic. Our ASP application is coded in Perl and as such won’t be able to use this feature, unless in fact it is possible to code it to the HTML in the interface. I can't figure out from RoboHelp's documentation if this is possible.

      If someone could tell me whether I can utilize context sensitive help coded to the HTML, I sure would appreciate it.