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    My matte is moving on me

    jonny9091 Level 1

      OK...I have a black and white wipe transition sitting on track 2.

      On track 1, I have the footage that is associated with this transition.

      I have a Set Matte on the footage pointing to Track 2 (Luma).


      Now...if I move the footage on Track 1 (x or y)...the matte is getting moved with it.

      I don't want my matte to move...I want it centered.....I only want to reposition the fill (track 1).


      How can I accomplish this?



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          Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Put your V1 in a nest, add the Matte to the nest but do the movements to the video in the nest not the nest itself.

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            jonny9091 Level 1

            That did it...thanks Richard.

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              jonny9091 Level 1

              OK...a little more on this. Yes you can move a clip within a nest...leaving the matte where it's supposed to be, but how can you view the composite output so you can see your movements?

              Are we supposed to jump in and out of the nest over and over?


              For example, I have a diagonal matte that is filled with footage on the right side of the screen. I need to re-position the fill shot over to the right, so we see what we need to see.

              How can I tell how much to move the shot unless I can see the full composite with the wipe ?

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                RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                does it work if you use an adjustment layer? placing the matte effect on it, then when you adjust v1 it shouldn't change the matte on the adjustment layer?

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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Copy the matte to the nest and lower the opacity for reposition, then poke the eyeball for the matte.


                  While you are at it file a feature request for a long overdue feature: matte is not follow the footage.

                  FEATURE request

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                    jonny9091 Level 1

                    OK...I figured this out. I changed the layer order and that did it. I don't really even need the nest...although convenient.


                    I had


                    V3=Animated Diagonal Matte

                    V2= Footage for right side

                    V1=Graphics that show on left side


                    I then put a set matte effect on V2 that pointed to V3 (luma).

                    If I moved the footage on V2 to properly fit the matte....the matte was moved with it.

                    So, I put all of V2 in a nest and applied the motion effect inside to each clip.

                    But I couldn't see the whole comp, so I wasn't sure of my positioning.


                    Ann's trick will work for this layout.




                    If I change the layer order to:


                    V3=Animated Diagonal Matte

                    V2= Graphics that show on left side

                    V1=Footage for right side


                    and put the set matte effect on V2 to point to V3 (luma)....

                    that leaves the footage on V1 to be freely moved without moving the matte, and allows you to see the full composite at all times.

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                      Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee


                      This is a lot easier in After Effects. For sure, file a feature request.