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    How do I delete keyword lists




      I am using another DAM (IMatch) to write metadata into my photos and use Lightroom to develope. I use cr2 with xmp sidecars and immediate savings.


      I was wondering how I can delete the keyword lists in Lightroom. It seems that when Lightroom has imported a photo with keywords with the first letter in upper case I cant change this in my other application to all small case because when Lightroom is rereading this file it changes the case from small case to upper case again! So I guess Lightroom is "remembering" the old keyword and keeping that.


      This could also be because I have imported a custom keyword list earlier as a test, and the keyword is in upper case in this list, but I would guess that deleting the keyword lists would solve this case to.


      It could also be that the problem with Lightroom not beeing case sensitive has nothing to do with the keyword lists, but then it would be nice if anyone could explain why Lightroom refuses to use small caps even though the photo originally has small caps.



      Kim Abel

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          As you've observed, LR ignores the case of keywords, so "John" and "john" are considered the same keyword.  Further, if you import a photo with the keyword "john" into a catalog that already has the keyword entered as "John", LR will rewrite the keyword in the photo as "John".


          The Keyword List panel on the right-hand side of Library mode lets you edit and delete keywords in the LR catalog.  In your case, you could delete the offending keywords, or you could right-click them and select Edit to change their case.

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            KimAbel Level 1

            Thanks John. I tested to edit the keyword, but that will be very timeconsuming to go through all my photos that way. It would be much better if Lightroom was case sensitive, but I guess theres not much to do about that.


            Kim Abel