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    Layer masks not defining document bounds for SVG generator?

    sigtm Level 1

      I have used layer masks to define the bounds of PNGs that are generated automatically from layers. However, doing the same for SVGs of vector layers doesn't seem to have any effect. Am I doing something wrong? I realise that it would feel a bit hacky anyway to use an alpha mask to define a vector file, but as it is I have no control over the SVGs viewBox or each icon's placement within it.


      Is there a way to achieve this? Since I hand off my SVGs to front-end developers I can't be giving them manual pixel offsets for each icon, so they need matching viewBoxes so I can align them before exporting. Keeping the icons in an .ai file with multiple artboards offers a decent workflow for it, but it would be even nicer if I could do it directly from my PSDs.