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    can't open PNGs exported from photoshop


      When I export something as a PNG file from Photoshop and then try to reopen it as a PNG file in photoshop I get the error 'Could not complete your request because the file-format module cannot parse the file.'


      When I did a chat with Adobe the guy took control of my screen and basically came to the conclusion that I need to preview the file outside of Photoshop, edit it and then save it and then I'll be able to open it in Photoshop again (after changing the file extension back to a PNG because when I edit it that changes.)


      This isn't actually working for me and I don't think it's actually an acceptable solution to this problem for software I'm spending a lot of money on, I'm also working for a company and have deadlines and this is taking up a lot of my time now.


      If anyone from Adobe in particular could respond to this post and tell me how they are going to resolve this issue for me


      Thank you