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    PPro and AME crashes...all the time. When you start them up, when you work, when you export, ever since I downloaded the updates last week.

    Lowflyingweasel Level 1

      I've been trying to edit and export timelapses I've shot in July. It's been an uphill battle since then.

      First Lr gave me mountains of issues (seems to be doing ok now) and now Ppro and AMe is doing the same. Since I've downloaded the update last week they have both just stopped working. AME doesn't even want to start up anymore. Ppro starts ok but won't export anything anymore. The is one older project that I've finished before the update. That exports fine. But any new project I've created since refuses. I'm dropping the images into a 4k sequence, the dropping the 4k sequence into a 1080 sequence so I can ad some movement. Bet even if I take the images directly to the 1080 sequence it crashes the moment I hit export.


      The timeline on this project is KILLING me! It's not supposed to take this long.

      Please help!