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    Creating a New Skin - From Scratch!

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      We recently purchased RoboHelp 6 for our continued development of our online Help System (upgraded from X3) and to begin development of online training courses.

      After reviewing the skins that are available, both within RoboHelp 6 and online via download, I have determined that I would like to create my own skin. I know that I can edit an existing skin using the skin editor, but have had great difficulty with the output. For example, I recently created a print button to use in the Cool Blue skin, and when I used it, there were button borders, which were not seen on the other button, which I removed by accessing the HTML code. I would also like to have more control over the look of the output. I am also frustrated by the fact that, even when I make a change (i.e. remove the Powered By RoboHelp button) I have to continue to make the change after I compile each new project.

      Is it possible to create my own custom skin? There are 50 or 60 available online, so there must be some kind of development kit available for use....yes?

      Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!