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    Second post - IE and pdf in named browser window causing errors

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      Second post - still looking for a solution.

      Using getURL and javascript (in a string similar to this sample code
      below) to launch a browser window containing a pdf file in IE works
      fine, UNLESS you try to open a second pdf using the same named window.
      The result is "object expected" errors.

      It also seems that you cannot use or close this named window using a
      javascript command from flash before opening the second window.

      We have also tried converting pdf to Flashpaper files. This works
      erratically; on some computers but not others.

      There is no issue in Firefox, just IE, which is the browser we must
      deliver for.

      Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea how to get past this error?


      Sample code:
      ("javascript:NewWindow=window.open('whatever.pdf','newWin2','width=700,height=500,left=40 0,top=20,toolbar=No,location=No,scrollbars=No,status=Yes,resizable=Yes,fullscreen=No');New Window.focus();void(0);");