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    two Mac screens Retina and Thunderbolt - Lightroom to Photoshop


      Latest retina iMac with 27" thunderbolt second screen. Both are set to same resolution. Right hand screen is main screen with main LRoom main screen on it, 2nd screen is showing LRoom grid view or loupe view. Running Pshop at same time to do major image edits and bouncing between two programs. When in PShop the second left hand screen does not show the background program window, the left hand LRoom window - Just the system desktop shows. On the right screen, under PShop, the LRoom main screen is visible - it is only the second screen that has disappeared!


      I want, and used to be able to see, the second right hand screen of LRoom and use it as a benchmark for what I was doing in PhotoShop - I am only using Shop on the left hand screen.

      This is with the latest versions of the Mac OS system and the latest CC versions of both LRoom and PShop.


      In summary, if LRoom is not the foreground program, the second screen of the program disappears.


      Is this an undocumented and unwanted feature? Is there a solution?