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    Sony A77ii 'jaggies' when viewing raw files

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      I've been a long time user of Lightroom and i'm now fully up to date with V5.7 on my Windows 7 computer (also with all latest updates)   I use a Sony A77mk2 (as in the ILC-A77M2 dslr style camera) and shoot raw.


      I was browsing through some recent shots at 100% magnification to pick the most "in Focus" and noticed rather jagged edges in some fine detail.  Here is an example, zoomed to 200% to illustrate:   It's a duck's feathered chest.  I used the Lightroom Preset "Zeroed" to make all settings 0. (including NR and sharpening)  IS0800



      I've not seen that before on a  raw conversion.  I downloaded Sony's official raw converter (Image Data Converter", which is no fun to use....) and tried again. Again, all settings are Zero or Off. 



      Finally, I downloaded a trial of DXO v 9.  Again, all settings are Zero or off:




      OK, the DXO version is a little jaggy but not like the LR conversion.  These jaggies do not respond well to the general 'light sharpening' I apply by default.


      I looked at a few other pics with fine detail and find the same thing.  I haven't seen it before (and can't find it if I go pixel peeping) on raw files from my other sony cameras.


      Does the :lightroom demosaicing algorithm need tweaking for my ILC-A77M2 camera?