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    Cannot connect keywords with imported photos

    belcamp george Level 1

      have a PC Winsdows 8.0. and Litghtroom 5.7. I want to be prepared to  a computer crash and have all of my photos backed up on an external drive. When I reimport to determine if I know how to do it correctly, the photos come in with no Keywords. I have checked the Keyword hirarcy button and esported the originals to the esternal. When I reimport there is are no keywords or editing data. I know it is in the catalog but don't know how to hook it up witih the photos. I would have to re keyword and edit all 11,000  or so photos if I had a crash. I am not a computer person and have tries forums etc, and all I get is "be sure the catalog is there along with the photos " It is there but does not connect with the photos. Really frustrated please please help.Thanks