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    MAJOR limitations in AE --> PR Dynamic Link color space!!


      Maybe I'm missing something. I hope I am, and that someone can show me a simple option somewhere...


      I have footage that has more color info above 255, and more info below 0. I'm not sure of the technical jargon behind it, but in Premiere CC 7.2.2 (33), I can, using RGB Curves, pull down a ton of color info lost in the highlights. It's wonderful. I can even do the same in After Effects CC using Curves, but I'm doing my color grading in PR.


      LIMITATION #1, when I apply any color effects in PR and "replace with After Effects Composition," the color effects neither carry over to AE, nor do they stay in PR on the newly created Linked Comp. All my color work just disappears. DUMB. I end up having to duplicate my footage, then copy color effects from the duplicate to the new Linked Comp. Not ideal, but at least my color effects are preserved. But this leads me to...


      LIMITATION #2, when I apply paste my color effects from my original footage duplicate onto the new Linked Comp, the color info is garbage! The Linked Comp appears to be 8BPC even though my AE project is set to 32bpc!! In other words, none of my highlight and shadow info is there any more. How RIDICULOUS is that?!?! I now have to re-do all my color grading!!


      I'm desperate, here! I'm on the phone with Adobe, and they tell me that Limitation #1 is unavoidable. Fine. I can live with that, because I have a workaround.


      But they can't seem to wrap their head around Limitation #2. It's like they don't know that their software does this.


      With no color affects at all applied in either PR or AE, The Linked comp (back in premiere) STILL CHOPS ALL MY HIGHLIGHT INFO RIGHT OFF. And Adobe help seems to know nothing about it.