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    Use of titles causes excessive CPU usage


      I have been working on a project in PP CC (all latest updates installed) for the past week.  I have had no problems regardless of the increase in size of the project over time.  Yesterday I began adding a few titles.  After I added the titles the application slowed down considerably.  It pushed one of the CPU cores to near 100% and never came down.  I restarted the application twice and the same thing happened.  It was always fine until I began working with titles.  Today, I had been working for about 3 hours and the same thing happened though I had done nothing with titling.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Duplicate the project and remove the titles, see what happens.

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            photomike2221 Level 1

            Thanks, Ann.  I did try that as well as loading up a different project without titles and they both worked fine.  I did discover more about the problem this morning.  It only seems to happen when I have the play head over a piece of crawling text on the timeline.  After a period of time at least one CPU core hits 100%, sometimes two, and everything slows down.  If I move the play head off to a position on the timeline without the text, the problem goes away after a few seconds.  I am able to repeat this though the amount of time it takes to occur varies from a few minutes to half an hour.  So, it seems that the work-around for the problem is to not leave the play head sitting over an instance of crawling text for any length of time.