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    AE CC ram previews very slow - no GPU support? Newbie trying to become not newbie, falling at first hurdle...


      Hello. I'm currently trialling After Effects CC though Adobe Cloud. But I've hit a snag immediately.


      I have an HD video edit in Premiere Pro which I want to dynamically import into AE to work on some bits.... I have imported the project file into AE, it seems to open just fine but the playback is intensely slow!


      I have an uncertified GPU - a Nvidia Geforce gtx 460 - too old? I was expecting it to help out a bit, I'm not doing anything too badass, just colour correcting a bit of HD footage.


      My processor is an i5 3.4ghz 4 core.


      Perhaps I'm missing something fundamental here!? Please tell me what I'm completely failing to grasp


      Thank you for your time,