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    CS6 Premiere Pro Workflow



      In the limited time I have, I am attempting to learn Premiere Pro and have working through the CS6 tutorials that creativecow.com have to offer. However, it would be a great help if I had a better idea on the workflow (in simple terms) such as:


      Set parameters

      Import files into Project Panel

      Open each file (one at a time) in Source Monitor for adjustments i.e. (In and Out points)

      When all files (Clips) have been edited, bring them into the timeline from the  

              Project Panel, or 

              Source Monitor, or 

             Either one? 

      Make final adjustments to footage on the timeline 

      Move to SpeedGrade for color adjustment's

      Move back to Premiere Pro for rendering 

      Editing of footage is finished



      1. Could someone give me a suitable workflow similar to the example I give above (if not correct). 

      2. Also, it seems that all editing of any footage can be done in either of the Source or Program panels, is this correct, and if so, why 2 panels?