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    Publishing files from Robohelp Server 9 to a separate IIS Server.

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      We currently use WebHelp Pro to publish projects successfully to Robohelp Server 9. What we would like to do now is transfer these files from our Robohelp Server (Apache\Tomcat) to our IIS Server (C:\inetpub\wwwroot) in an automated way (these are 2 different servers).   We would also like to be able to generate Robohelp reports off of the same IIS Server.  Are there ways to automate this process in Configuration Manager using Contexts or does IIS have to be on the same server as Robohelp.



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          The only way to put files on the server properly with WebHelp Pro is to *publish* them to a RoboHelp Server 9 setup (as opposed to copy/paste to a server) Presently, RoboHelp Server 9 requires Apache Tomcat as an application host and not IIS.

          However, it is not uncommon to have Apache Tomcat server installed on a server machine that also has IIS installed.

          There is a way to integrate the two and this is documented in the online help here:

          Adobe RoboHelp Server 9 * Installation

          Look especially at the subhead that reads, "Install and configure Microsoft IIS with Tomcat".

          That may not be enough to accomplish what you have outlined. Ultimately, any reports must still be generated from Rh Server 9 running on Tomcat.


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