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    Does anyone have experience of integrating webhelp with Sitecore?

    Authorgirl Level 1

      I am writing help for a new web application that is developed in Sitecore. The plan was to provide webhelp which would double as a simple support site with links to other downloadable user documents. It would be easy for me to update so that the users would always have the latest info. However the developers now tell me that Sitecore likes to hold everything within its own framework and doesn't like to link out to external files. So they are asking if I can create the help within Sitecore itself.


      I am wondering if this really is the answer (if so I will have to learn Sitecore editing which will make it a much larger project) and can't help thinking there must be a way to integrate the two. Does anyone out there have any experience with linking to webhelp (or any other RH output) from a Sitecore application?