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    Wrong PANTONE mode after import to InDesign


      Hello, I have a serious problem and I'm not sure how to fix it. I do lot's of illustrations in Photoshop which are then imported to InDesign. Illustrations are CMYK with all content in black + additional PANTONE spot colour. So far when importing such image (saved as Photoshop PDF) to InDesign I was seeing correct swatches etc. In particular the PANTONE swatch was of type Spot and Mode PANTONE. But now when I do this it is imported and the swatch has the correct name (e.g. PANTONE 186 C) but the mode is CMYK or Lab. What is wrong? Does it matter that I have switched from Windows to Mac? I'm doing everything as before but now the import is wrong. The problem can be solved by using Ink Manager Aliases or by the printing company (they just use the 5th separation with the correct PANTONE) but still this is weird... I tried various PDF formats, various other formats, and colour profile settings - no success. Interstingly - if the spot colour channel in photoshop is named as PANTONE 186 c (with small "c") the swatch in InDesign becomes of RGB mode (!?) I'd be glad for any suggestions.