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      I was wondering if someone could help me talking about how to make this textScreenshot_1.png

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          rkelly0137 Level 4

          I'd start with plain text, like arial.

          Draw a box around it.

          Then rasterize the whole thing.

          Choose the colors you want, blending them via any method you choose (I'd use the pen tool, make a selection) color one segment, then do same for other

          For the 'splatter' effect you can try some of the distort or brush stroke filters.  There's even a "splatter".  But to really get those like that you'll probably have to do it by hand.  I'd use liquify, but you can use the smudge tool.

          Make some curves, one high, one low.  Invert the mask so nothing is shown, then paint in highlights and shadows wherever you want.

          Do a stamp visible to get on one layer.

          Free transform, and hold Ctrl while dragging the corners to get the perspective you want.

          Lastly, I'd probably play with some layer effect for a little texture, shadows, etc.


          This is super quick and dirty, but it gives you the idea.   If you're trying to completely replicate that it's going to take a bit of experimentation..  I mostly used the splatter and fixed it up a tad with the smudge tool to be quick.  But I'd probably do all those things by hand in Liquify if I really wanted to do it the same as above.  Using a tablet would make things much easier.  And then play with some lighting, dodge and burn, a bit more.



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            do me a tutorial please

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              fas a text with Souris name for min of the same color please there that thank you