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    Turn off CSS compile warning

      Hi all,

      How do I turn off the compiler warning about unused CSS styles. I need the solution for both locally compiled SWF and those compiled in Flex Data Services. flex-config.xml doesn´t have the node option.


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          Try the following option:
          alias -show-unused-type-selector-warnings
          toggle whether warnings generated from unused type selectors are displayed

          Or if you want the system to not remove the styles at all:
          alias -keep-all-type-selectors
          disables the pruning of unused type selectors (advanced)

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            David_S_deB Level 1
            Thanks Brent for your quick response. That works well with the compile locally option. I found the solution if you are compiling with FDS.

            Its in the docs under:

            Building and Deploying Flex 2 Applications > Building Flex Applications > Flex 2 SDK and Flex Data Services Configuration > Flex Data Services configuration

            You can change the flex-webtier-config.xml file and turn the production setting on, or use the queryString parameter (showAllWarnings=false) if you are just testing.