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    Issue with PSD transparency placed in ID. Looks fine in PDF but prints transparency bounding box over grey.


      I am having a real issue. I feel like I have tried everything. I am having a problem with the transparency bounding box (or what I believe to be the bounding box) washing out a grey element beneath it. I am exporting to PDF and have tried every acrobat version from PDF/x1a to High quality print. I have also changed the transparency blend space to both CMYK and RGB and tried to print after export to no avail. I have also tried changing the flattener presets around and exporting to pdf then printing and that does not work either. I am beginning to think that it is a driver issue in the printer. Any advice would help. I need to be able to print it correctly through PDF for clients. Again the PDF files look fine it is just when it prints. The file with the transparency is a PSD image placed into ID. I have also tried embedding but that doesn't seem to work either (and I don't want the huge file size). Attached is an image of what it looks like after print. I cannot upload the PDF sorry in advanced. IMAG0050.jpg