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    Keyboard Events on Symbols - Accessibility


      I'm VERY new to Adobe Edge Animate, although I do have a good deal of HTML, CSS and JavaScript experience.


      I'm currently working on a website within Adobe Edge and need to make the website accessible .. or at least as accessible as possible.  This can be broken up into 2 steps as I see it.


      Currently I have several main menu items at the top of the site.  Each has it's own set of sub menu items.  To make this accessible, I need to have it setup so that when a user presses tab and focuses on a symbol, the corresponding drop sub menu items are displayed as well.  This in turn will force the next tab key press to go to the first sub menu item and not the next main menu item.  I have this done by simply adding an action to the Symbol's focus event.  No problem here.


      Next, when a user tabs to a main or sub menu item and presses ENTER on the keyboard, I need to have it perform the same action as if the user had pressed a mouse click.  How do I go about doing that?  I would have assumed there would have been keyboard events as well and not just mouse/touch event?


      Any ideas on how I can get this to work?  Perhaps I'm missing something on how to make an Adobe Edge site truly accessible?