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    Firefox not recognizing the Adobe Flash Player version.  It still thinks it needs to be updated.



      I run WinXp Media Ctr, on a Dell XPS 410 2.9 Dual Core System with 4 Gig of Ram.  I have the newest version of Firefox.  When I go to check to see if any of my Plugin's are outdated, it flags the Adobe Flash Player Shockwave Flash 16.0 vulnerable


      Also it flags the "Outdated"

      Adobe Flash Player Real Networks Real Downloader Pepper Flash Video Shim Plug-In vulnerable


        When I download the file: install_flashplayer16x32_mssd_aaa_aih.exe and closed Firefox and Ran it, it said the Flashplayer installed ok.  It gave me the same file name to install to fix the "Outdated" Flash video ship plug-in.  After installing both, and Firefox claiming to have installed them correctly.  I ran the Plug-in Status utility again, and it keeps saying the two are still outdated.  It's not recognizing that the files have been updated.

        I went to the adobe flash webpage and checked the version there, and it says I have the Current Version installed.  So Firefox is not reading the correct version.  I also notice frequently that shockwave flash player and Plugin-container crash a lot when there's a lot of tabs running while playing online games and/or facebook games.  I've already gone to the Flash player settings window and maxed the storage for them.

        What can I do?