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    Issues with Edge loading slowly and Not filling its space until loaded

    Rouviere Media Level 1

      I am in the last stages of wrapping up a new website and have a nice Edge Animation slated for the top of the home page. The content, which includes a poster is published. However, when the page loads there is a lag before the animation fills its designated spot.


      I tried using a preloader but then the entire content of the animation appeared behind the other content - making matters much worse.


      In order to reserve a spot I tried creating another div with a background image as a placeholder, but because this content is responsive horizontally and vertically the placeholder locks the content into a predefined space and is not properly responsive.


      I optimized the content to cut down on load time (not sure why Edge doesn't do the optimizing), but it is still not enough to resolve this issue. I would really appreciate some insights.